Radio Interviews


Supernatural Realm Radio 1-16-2020

We discuss the approaching release of the horror short film Call Workshop and the Series Pilot for In the Company of Wolves, as well as a host of other topics including alien crash retrievals, the Space Force, DARPA's biological robots, and why everyone should read the In the Company of Wolves trilogy. Link to Podcast

Supernatural Realm Radio 5-22-2015

We discuss how I got started writing, my novels 2 Minutes to Midnight and One Minute to Midnight as well as aliens, conspiracy theories, and what to do if you find yourself the victim of alien abduction. (That last part is a joke) Link to Podcast

Supernatural Realm Radio 4-3-2015

We discuss what got me started in writing and a host of otherworldly topics like little green men from outer space, secret government space programs, and my favorite topic conspiracy theories abounding in modern society.  Link to Podcast