About the Author

Steve Lang

Is the author of seven science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels for sale on Amazon books. Fulfilling a lifelong desire to become a writer, Steve began his first novel in 2009, and kept moving forward. Today, he not only writes books, but has branched out to screenplays, and is the owner of MDR Media, a small independent film company based in North Carolina. Steve created MDR Media as a way to spotlight North and South Carolina film cast, and crew, and draw attention for independent film to the region.

MDR Media's first short movie Traveling Salesman was filmed in Concord, NC in the summer of 2017, and has since won several film festival laurels and Most Terrifying Short in the Southern Sykos Horror Film Festival in 2018.

In 2018, MDR Media partnered with Camp4Heroes. They are a non-profit organization giving veterans and first responder's coping with, and recovering from PTSD a retreat and wellness center for them and their families. A large portion of proceeds from the sale of MDR Media's movies will go back to Camp4Heroes.


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